Christopher Dean

From Bert Kaempfert to Keith Jarrett, from Oscar Peterson to Richard Clayderman or Yanni – the sound of an excellent grand piano is a timeless attraction not only in classical music but also in almost every popular contemporary style – if we take first rate composers and performers for granted. The tracks on his solo-debut album “Magic Moments” make clear, that Christopher Dean is such a first rate composer and performer. Living near Hamburg, Germany, Dean has made himself a name through numerous TV- and movie soundtracks as well as through national and international pop projects.

With its delicately crafted arrangements “Magic Moments” is the perfect album for the renaissance of hand played, natural sounds after the long pre-dominance of synthesized sounds in New Instrumental Music. Christopher Dean here created modern and exciting tracks with beautiful swinging melodies, whose musical focus is always Dean’s faultless piano-playing. Fascinating New Instrumental Music of international and cross-cultural appeal.