With “Busy People” CODERA present their third album of instrumental music. Their first two outings, “Quiet Places” and “Lifestyle” had already attracted a lot of attention in music bizness circles. On German TV and radio these CODERA releases belonged to the New Instrumental productions with the best airplay. Wolf Codera and Bernd Voss are the two masterminds of this ambitious project, whose compositions and arrangements find their place in the tradition of acts like Donald Fagen (Steely Dan), Tom Scott, Robben Ford or the early works of Spyrogyra.

CODERA’s musical trademark is the interplay of Wolf Codera’s saxophones and Bernd Voss’ guitars. As a young female listener once said:”… as if they’d tell each other stories.”

On “Busy People” Wolf Codera and Bernd Voss are backed by a bunch of first class German and American musicians, most notably L. A. based pianist/keyboardist David Scott, a man who made his name through scores for several American TV-shows.

The music of all these people for CODERA is not defined by shortlived trends or formatized computer programming, but by the very individual means of expression which become available through the exceptional mastery of music instruments. So the tracks on “Busy people” feature intimous and unique music of timeless appeal and quality.


Quiet Places